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About this site

Hi, I’m a Japanese woman.
I live in a city near Tokyo, Japan.

I like eating sweets and anything good.
There is a lot of good food in Japan not only sushi or tempura but also snacks.

So I want everyone to know about good snacks that you can get and try in Japan.
Also, I want to improve my English skills so I decided to start this blog.

I hope you can find something you like at this site and hope you will have a chance to come to Japan someday and try them!
If you find something you like on this site you can share the link with others.


All comments on this site are completely my personal honest feelings. I work in IT, not in the food industry. I’m not a food-related specialist. Even if I give “★5” to some items you may not like. In the same way, you may like items I just give “★1”.

I don’t mean to give any disreputation to a specific manufacturer or a company. I just want to give an individual personal comment to visitors of this site just as a reference.

I believe most of the visitors would understand what I mean, what I mentioned above.

Frequently used expressions

Japanese ExpressionMeaning
082 (oyatsu)snack, treat, light meal, refreshment
mochi-mochichewy like a rice cake
fuwa-fuwa (funwari)soft like a sponge or meringue
pasa-pasanot moist enough
shittorimoist enough
toro-toroless texture like a liquid (usually used in a positive meaning)