Uji is famous for its high-quality powdered green tea called “matcha”. Uji is a city located in the south part of Kyoto. This product uses their matcha.

Not bad at all.
But I wasn’t able to taste cheese very much.
Around 480 per cup.
It’s pretty expensive as a convenience store sweets for me…
368kcal per cup.
And it’s high in calories…
Easy to get?
I got this at Seven-Eleven, one of the biggest convenience stores in Japan. There is no indication of a limited time offer, but convenience stores frequently change their selling products so I’m not sure until when we can get it.
Get again?
Probably not.

The ratings above are completely my personal comments, see here for the details.

The ingredients may be changed in the future so please check yourself when you try it.

And the nutritional indication.

Removed the lid.
View from above.

View from the side.

Cut in half.

View from a little different angle.

2022 Jan.