I really like glutinous rice called “Okowa” as I mentioned in my earlier post. However, the “Okowa” I tried in my earlier post was not that good unfortunately. But this one is good! Just as I expected!!

Please read the post below if you would like to know more about “Okowa”. I wrote some explanation about “Okowa” in this post.


If you first try “Okowa” I recommend you go to a specialty shop or a restaurant for “Okowa” just like “Tagosaku” where I got this.

There are many different tastes/fillings of “Okowa” depending on the season.

The variety of this “Okowa” is pretty standard I think.

Taste ★★★★☆                         
This is “Okowa” just as I expected.
When you cook rice it is very important how much water you add in a pot. That really affects the texture when you eat. I prefer less moist cooked rice and this one is just my type.
Average. Around 450 yen.  
Not sure…I guess not that low…
Easy to get? ★★★★☆
I got this at a building called “Ekinaka”. “Eki” means a station and “naka” means inside. Now you know, “Ekinaka” is located in a train station, in which there are lots of different small shops. I have seen “Tagosaku” in different “Ekinaka” so you will find them as well.
Get again?★★★★★

The materials may be changed in the future so 
please check by yourself when you try it.

From the left,

  • Gomoku (some veges & chicken)
  • Kuri & Beans (chestnut)
  • Sekihan (red beans, salt & sesame)


I like edamame! Edamame is soy beans. They are harvested at an early stage of development.

2019 Jun. posted.