“Jagarico” is one of the most popular items from a snacks manufacturer “Calbee”. “Calbee” is famous for its potato based snacks such as potato chips.

There are lots of different flavor of “Jagarico”. This one features KOMBU from a place called Hokkaido. Kombu is a kind of sea vegetable that is famous for its sufficient “umami”. “Umami” is a kind of taste that people feel it delicious!

Good as usual!
“Jagarico” has a little bit hard crispy texture.
I really like KOMBU. It has Umami. And it goes well with salt!
Around 100 yen per package.
258 kcal per cup.
Easy to get?
I got this at AEON, one of the biggest supermarkets in Japan.
I don’t think we can get it always.
Get again?

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The nutritional indication.

Open the cup.
There were 40 potato sticks in a cup in my case.

Got closed to them.

View from a different angle.

Pick up the one.
View from above.

The vertical view.

View from a little side.

2020 Oct.