This is a souvenir from a colleague at work.
His hometown is a place called Fukushima, located in the northeast of Japan.

This is not Fukushima local confection but a place called Yamagata’s local confection. Both Fukushima and Yamagata are called “Tohoku” region.

I think most Japanese have tasted it at least once. According to the package description, this snack is said to be “edible milk”.

I was able to enjoy the rich milk taste.

Not sure because I didn’t buy it.
26kcal per individual package.
Easy to get?
I have never seen this product before.
But I have seen similar products at different shops.
Get again?

The ratings above are completely my personal comments, see here for the details.

The ingredients may be changed in the future so please check yourself when you try it.

And the nutritional indication.

Open the outer bag.
There were 9 individual packages.

Pick up the one.

Open the individual package.
View from above.

View from a little side.

Broke into half.

2022 Jan.