This is one of Japanese traditional sweets for March. It’s called “sakura-mochi”. As you may know “sakura” means cherry blossoms and “mochi” means rice cakes. When we see it, we feel spring has come!

There are several types of “sakura-mochi”. I hope I would be able to show you other type of it next year!

There’s a cherry blossom pickled in salt on top of the rice cake. “Sakura-mochi” usually has some sweet bean paste inside.

According to the package, this one is made from beans from a place called Hokkaido where is very famous for its good beans! Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more

Good. I like the balance of salty pickled cherry blossom, sweet bean paste and mild sweetness of rice cake!
Around 150 yen per package.
155 kcal per package.
Easy to get?
I got this at Seven-eleven one of the biggest convenience stores in Japan.
When you visit Japan in late February or early March you will see it almost everywhere!
Get again?
I am not sure to get this one but I get “sakura-mochi” every March.

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Open the package. View from above.

View from a bit side.

Remove the sheet underneath for better see.

View from the side without the sheet underneath.

View inside.

View from a different angle.

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