“Papico” has been one of my favorite frozen desserts for more than 40 years! “Papico” has some different flavors but I think the chocolate coffee flavor is the best!

I had first saw and tried this version of Papico last year and liked it too! But the standard flavor of “Papico”, chocolate coffee flavored is my best!

Very rich chocolate taste! Good accent of chocolate chips.
Around 200 yen.
137 kcal per 1 Papico.
Easy to get?
I got this at seven-eleven, one of the biggest convenience stores in Japan. There’s an indication saying “limited time only” on the package.
Get again?

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The nutritional indication.

Open the package. There’s a pair of Papico.

Divide them into two.

Pull the ring.

Closer view.

There’s an explanation how to open it on the package.

Pull the ring until completely separate it like this.

Hold the Papico with your hand then it will melt gradually because of your temperature and you can enjoy it!

2019 Dec.