This item is named as “Otsumami assortment for adults”.
“Otsumami” is a Japanese word that means small snacks or dishes when you drink. “Otsumami” is a good company for you (or your beer/sake).

Why for adults? See my personal comments below.
They are quite spicy so make sure not to have children try them…

I like the curry flavor the best. But wasabi flavor is also good. And black pepper also gives me an enough satisfaction. Just spicy and crispy enough! If you don’t like spicy snacks you may not like them unfortunately…
Average. Around 250-350 yen at supermarkets.
100-113 kcal per 1 small bag.
Slightly different depending on the flavor.
Easy to get? ★★★★☆                       
I got this at AEON, one of the biggest supermarket in Japan. I think you can get one at a convenience store for each flavor package version (not as an assortment big bag.) 
Get again?★★★★★
Yes for sure.

The materials may be changed in the future so 
please check by yourself when you try it.

Nutritional indication per small bag.
From the left, shrimp & black pepper, shrimp & curry and salt & wasabi.

There are nine smaller bags in a bigger bag.
First three small bags are shrimp & black pepper flavor.
The next three small bags are shrimp & curry flavor.
The rest of three small bags are salt & wasabi flavor.

You can enjoy the three different types of flavor.

** I forgot to take a picture of shrimp & black pepper flavor’s…

Package for curry flavor.
Crispy! Spicy and real curry taste!

The description says that the combination of shrimp and curry gives you a deep UMAMI and spicy taste. They use their original Garam Masala. You will enjoy the real curry taste!

Open the bag.

Just for your reference the amount in an each bag.
Good amount for a short break! You might wanna have another bag…

Package for salt & wasabi flavor.

The description says that they use wasabi from a place called Azumino. Azumino is one of the most famous regions for its wasabi. Their wasabi has good aroma and taste.

Open the bag for wasabi flavor.

2019 Jan.