“Berm Roll” is one of the most popular items from BOURBON. BOURBON is one of my favorite snacks manufacturers. They sell lots of good snacks at reasonable prices!

You can image from the product name, “Berm Roll” is a rolled berm-kuchen coating with chocolate.

We can see different flavors of “Berm Roll” depending on season or a time. I got this salted lemon cream flavor one in summer. At a moment (in 2019), “salted lemon” flavor seems to be in a boom in Japan. We can see many “salted lemon” flavor items here and there.

Good. Just as I expected.
But I like different flavor one better than this one. Also, if you image so called “salted sweets”, this is not the one. I hardly feel “salt” in this sweets.
Average. Around 250-300 yen at supermarkets.
Calorie ★★★☆☆
46 kcal per 1 roll.
Not that low but I’m fine since I’m usually satisfied just eating 3 rolls or so.
Easy to get? ★★★☆☆
I got this at AEON, one of the biggest supermarket in Japan. But the flavor is not standard one so you may not find the same one. 
Get again?★★★☆☆
I would get other flavors.

The materials may be changed in the future so 
please check by yourself when you try it.

Open the bag.
There are 16 rolls in a bag in my case. On the package, they say there are around 15 rolls in a bag. They pack by gram so the number of rolls may slightly differ.

One unit/roll.

Open the package. View from above (horizontal).

View from a little bit side.

View from above (vertical).

One more shot from above.

2019 Jun.