When winter season has come, we can see lots of strawberry tastes almost everywhere in Japan.

I can say this one is just like a donut. The dough is a bit glutinous. Japanese often say this kind of texture “mochi-mochi”. The word “mochi” means a rice cake. Can you image the glutinous texture?

The dough is soft and glutinous enough.
And the strawberry chocolate covering the outside is crisp. Fun texture! 
Average or reasonable. Around 100-150 yen. Even if it is 10% higher price, I would buy.  
342 kcal. A little bit high and I would get weight…
Easy to get? ★★★★☆
I got this at Family Mart, one of the biggest convenient stores in Japan. But it seems not a regular item. I think it’s sold limited in winter season.
Get again?★★★★★
Definitely if I can get one.

The materials may be changed in the future so 
please check by yourself when you try it.

Open the package. Looks yummy!
I prefer this one to the one below.

2019 Jan.