This is from a manufacturer “Kameda-seika” that is very famous for its rice cracker products in Japan. “Tsumamidane” is one of them.

This is a summer version of “Tsumamidane”. “Tsumamidane” itself has been selling for a long time. A word “tsumami” means something small and easy to pick up, or go well with drinks.

There are lots of different flavors of rice crackers in a bag.
Most of those flavors are in summer season!

Good! I can enjoy different flavors at a time.
Lemon flavored crackers and black pepper bean crackers are my best!
Average. Around 200-250 yen.
102 kcal per individual package.
Not that high calories.
Easy to get?
I got this at AEON, one of the biggest supermarkets in Japan. But I was not able to get another one after that. I was not able to find it. And if my memory is correct I did not see it last year so I am not sure if I can get it again next summer or not…
Get again?
Definitely if I can!

The materials may be changed in the future so please check by yourself when you try it.

The nutritional information.

Open the outer bag.
There are 6 individual packages in a bag.

Pick up one.
It says there are 8 different flavors of crackers in it.

Plum-flavored bean crackers, Japanese pepper “sansho” crackers, fried rice crackers with peanuts, lemon-flavored fried crackers, corn-flavored fried rice crackers, soy bean called “edamame” flavored crackers, black pepper bean crackers and shrimp & wasabi flavored fried rice crackers.

Open the individual package.
It seems how many each crackers are in it is different, depending on the package.

Plum-flavored bean cracker. Very crispy.

Japanese pepper “sansho” cracker. Spicy.
I really love “sansho” flavor!

Fried rice cracker with peanuts. Also crispy.
I think this one is not related to “summer”… This is very common fried rice cracker in Japan.

Lemon-flavored fried cracker. Very crispy and refreshing!
This is the first time I had this. I really liked it so now I got a product only this crackers in it.

Corn-flavored fried rice cracker.
This is a quite new flavor to me.
It was very different from what I imaged before I have it.

Soy bean called “edamame” flavored cracker.

Black pepper bean cracker. Very crispy and spicy!

Shrimp & wasabi flavored fried rice cracker.
I felt strong wasabi flavor! I didn’t feel any shrimp actually…

2019 Aug.